Have you ever experienced something good and then went to tell someone about it... and suddenly: no one!

 Hello, I'm Bengain, and that is not my real name. A few years ago, I started working on a personal project. Before I began - like any sensible person - I tested the idea with those around me to gather their opinions on its feasibility. Their lack of response didn't surprise me, but none of them even considered it for a moment!

 Months passed, moments of success and moments of failure, many experiences, and a strong desire to learn about the world of business. But there was no one to share my ideas and experiences with.. So, this blog was born.

 Sharing ideas and experiences in a general sense is great, but it's not what usually motivates me to engage in discussion. I firmly believe that "Any idea, to be truly good, must be put to the touchstone.," meaning that if you think an idea is good, whether big or small, you should test it, discuss it with others, and put it into action. In other words, you need to get it out of your head. All ideas in our minds may seem good, but when we see the results of what we thought was good or listen to others' perspectives on it, we often find that it is lacking and only reflects our own viewpoint and limited knowledge. Expanding these boundaries is what excites me the most!

 However, to present any idea well and thoroughly, you need time to prepare. Unfortunately, with almost busy schedule, I don't have sufficient time to do that. Moreover, constantly presenting ideas and engaging in serious discussions may make it boring for both me and you. Furthermore, it may not help me achieve some important goals I have for this blog, such as documenting my journey in the world of business, the ideas and beliefs I adopt during each stage of the journey, the challenges I face, my mistakes, my mindset, and other aspects. This will also allow me to review them from time to time and improve what needs to be enhanced to increase my chances of success. So, I imagine the blog as follows:

 [ I will write a blog post every day, to the best of my ability, where I try to talk about the most important events, matters, challenges, ..etc. that happen to me within what I can share. Then, I will address a specific topic or idea, and between them, there will be the kind of casual conversation, laughter, jokes, and other things that friends like to share. according to what will be suitable for that particular day. ]

 I know I'm writing for no one... but you wouldn't expect me to talk to myself in public, would you? (If there any response, that would be a real problem!) So, I will assume that there is a group of friends following me and I'm talking to them. Don't be surprised by that, as I'm trying to get myself out of a predicament!.. By the way, if you happen to pass by here and anything comes to your mind about anything in this blog, I hope you consider this space a safe place, where I - and my friends - believe that no idea, no matter how simple it may seem, is without value.

 Finally, you might come across an article here and think that English is my native language or that I'm good at it, both are incorrect. I'm decent to some extent, but not because I can write a full article like this in an hour. So, up until this moment, I am writing with the help of translation! (and It turned out to be not as easy as I imagined!) 

And now, let's see what the days hold for us…