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The problem is being a night person by nature. The bigger problem is when your routine becomes a morning one. Early as well!

I am Bengain, and this is not my real name. I haven't found anyone to talk about my journey in the world of business with, so here I am. and the story is [here]

Good evening, how are you today?.. The truth is that this bothers me. Being a night person, I don't easily fall asleep. I can stay awake for thirty hours, for example, and then feel drowsy. But for some reason - like sitting with my family - I delay my sleep a little, and when I go to bed, I can't fall asleep, and I end up being awake for several more hours. You can't imagine how confusing this is for me and my routine!.. The problem is that you don't want to be just awake, but you want to be fully energized to work. Sometimes I may be tired, so I sleep for no more than an hour, then wake up and can't sleep afterwards. Today, for example!

I have tried many ways to overcome this (Except taking medications), and there was one method that worked best, but its problem is that it can break at any time, which is sticking to a strict routine. Fixed waking up and sleeping times. The problem with this method is that we may have guests at home, so I have to sit with them, or I may not have seen my parents the day before, so I want to spend more time with them. Or even when my body feels tired, but my mind simply doesn't want to sleep!.. Let's leave my mind aside for now, and What do you think if we talk about something simple today, but that really changes things, especially in the business world?.. This thing is "inspiration."

As you know, inspiration can be defined as a mental and psychological state that leads to the emergence of new and innovative ideas in an unexpected way, thereby helping a person think differently and creatively about the issues and problems they face. It doesn't happen all the time, but it is valuable when it occurs in the right time and form.

Let's try to describe the moment when inspiration occurs: you are sitting somewhere or walking or in certain circumstances, and suddenly an idea comes to your mind that is relevant to something else, whether you were thinking about it at that time or not. The essence of the process is that two or more things interact in a certain way, resulting in a new, creative, or unexpected idea... to the extent that some creative individuals have their own rituals to evoke inspiration, like the writer Edgar Allan Poe, who believed that sitting on graves in some of his works stimulated his creativity, and many others, as you surely know. By the way, many creatives believe that there are certain conditions that generate creativity, so they always try to work under these conditions and maintain them as much as possible... this is an interesting topic to explore if you're like to read about. But let's continue our topic, However, does inspiration only come spontaneously or under certain conditions, or is it something we can also evoke whenever we want?

Let's get back to the essence of the process that I wrote earlier, which is that "two or more things interact in a certain way, resulting in a new, creative, or unexpected idea." Well, let's try, like physicists, to artificially generate this condition, which is to combine two things and produce an idea from them. Let one of the things be something we are truly interested in, such as you working on developing a device that helps mothers track the health of their children at all times, and you are genuinely interested in developing this device. Now, let's take any other thing and try to connect it to this device, let's say a car tire for example. Now, let's examine the second thing (the car tire) and see its characteristics, qualities, benefits, etc., and look for how it can help us in our first idea (the device) that we are truly interested in.

For example, the shape of the car tire is circular, and it is possible to make this device in the shape of a circle or a ring that can be worn on the hand, foot, or around the neck, depending on what we see as the most suitable for it to perform its function (the device). For example, if the options are designed to be on the device itself, using the device would be easier for monitoring and control operations if it is worn on the hand. Or, for example, as a necklace if controlling the device is done through a dedicated application, and the only function of the device is to send alerts to the mother in emergency situations, so it is positioned around the neck to enhance the mother's ability to sense the alerts, while also allowing the device to be designed as a hidden piece of jewelry that does not appear to be a device. You see, here we have harnessed one of the characteristics of the second thing (the car tire) to generate a new or creative idea for the first thing (the device) that we are truly interested in.

Let's try another characteristic of the car tire, let's say that the tire is made of rubber to prevent the car from slipping. This idea would be useful for us in the device, as we could make it out of rubber as well to prevent it from slipping if it is in our hand, or we could make it out of metal to allow it to slide and have an attractive appearance if we want it to be worn around the neck.

In this way, we can generate inspiration from almost anything for anything we need and at any time we want. You can't imagine how many ideas can be generated in this way, an infinite number indeed. The results will be astonishing for you and those around you.

Is this limited to the business world only, or can we use it wherever we want? Let's say, for example, actually strange example, that there is a disagreement between you and your wife and you want to resolve this dispute, and let this be the first thing (important to us). While you are sitting in your room, you noticed a book on the shelf and asked yourself how this book (which is the second thing) can inspire you. As you think about the characteristics of the book, it comes to your mind that the book presents information or discusses ideas in stages, starting with an introduction that captivates the reader, then developing the idea to present it in full, and finally concluding with a conclusion that the author sees as appropriate. You decided to deal with the disagreement between you and your wife in the same way, by looking for a good introduction that helps you discuss the topic, like telling her that her taste in the dress she is wearing today was beautiful, then proposing in the evening to go out together and have a cup of coffee in a somewhere, then discussing a common matter to break the ice, then discussing the disagreement that occurred and trying to resolve it, then concluding it in the way you want it to end, like buying her a gift as you return home, for example, or telling her that you hope the behavior that bothered you won't be repeated... etc.

You see, we can summon inspiration whenever we want and for almost anything. In fact, we can even generate a lot of it, rather than waiting for it to come suddenly! Of course, you will find that there are qualities or things that inspire you to truly good and creative ideas, while others may not have been so clear in terms of how to benefit from them, or there may be something better than them.

How do you feel when you run your finger on the glass surface of a desk? Do you feel that the movement is smooth and sleek, isn't it? This is one of the ideas that I always use to develop the work I do. I like things to be as smooth as possible, like organizing processes so that there is nothing undefined or unknown about how they should be done, or using it to produce a final product for something, ensuring that everything is smooth and clear to the customer, and so on. The truth is, I use this method to generate ideas in everything and anything (smiles).. Try it, you will really love it. Get a piece of paper and write down the important thing you are thinking about (the first thing), then write down anything else (the second thing), then write down what anything you like related to second thing, and then think about how we can benefit from that in the first thing.

Can the bed in front of me now also be inspiring? I feel that way (smiles).

Have a good night, my friends. I fear being late for bed and losing the inspiration until morning (smiles).

Don't forget to try it, you will truly feel the difference... It's not the bed that I meant!"