Mercury collides with Jupiter

I am Bengain, and this is not my real name. I haven't found anyone to talk about my journey in the world of business with, so here I am. and the story is [here]..

Good evening. How was your day?.. Have you tried the yellow watermelon?.. Oh, it tastes amazing. But it's a bit sweet. Sweeter than the red. I tried it yesterday while staying up at my brother's house. I think watermelon is the fruit of summer. And winter too! Science has left nothing unchanged, except for that one can eat without gaining weight!

Today was a somewhat good day. I was nearing completion of planning one of my upcoming projects and it's almost ready to be launched. I expect to finish it tomorrow as today only remains for me to talk to you. I was a little delayed in meeting the deadline for completing the planning, but I'm excited to start and embark on this experience! I will tell you about it at some point.

I'm also excited about another small but significant matter for me. I have decided to reactivate my presence on social media, starting with Facebook. In truth, I haven't completely disconnected from it, but I haven't been active either. I don't write, comment, or interact in any way. I simply browse it for a few minutes each day on my way back to see what's happening and then close it. But I found that as the days passed and with my busy schedule mostly revolving around work, communication between me and others has become almost nonexistent, which is not healthy.. However, I also don't want to spend too much time on it. For example, I thought of writing a post every week and commenting and interacting during my commute. That would take about fifteen minutes. What do you think?.. The problem is even social media has become boring, and the algorithms are unbearable. Just when you think of buying a chair, the means of communication turn into a furniture store!

You know, I don't feel like talking and discussing anything seriously.. The weather right now is very nice!.. Occasionally, a cool breeze blows, momentarily making you forget the daytime heat.. You know that feeling when you don't care if Mercury collides with Jupiter. What matters is that nothing dirties your clothes as a result of their collision. (Smiling)

Sometimes I think the world is truly ridiculous. We do everything to experience moments of happiness, while perhaps a child's smile can give you that! Or an ice cream.. I remembered a story related to this. When I finished my university studies, I immediately started working in a global security and protection company (one of the most famous companies in the world), and the project I was working on was one of the largest projects for a global hypermarket as well. My work was in the control and monitoring room (CCTV). Due to my job, I was in contact with all the employees working in the hypermarket, whether from our company or from all the other companies, including the hypermarket company itself. I noticed something that has stuck with me to this day. The lowest-paid employees in the hypermarket company would come in the morning happy, work with joy, have spouses and children, and go to attend matches in the stadium, and all that while their salaries barely exceeded the minimum wage in my country by a small margin. While when I would meet with the managers or see them among themselves, I didn't feel that they were happy, even though their salaries exceeded the salaries of the employees I mentioned maybe by twelve times or more!.. Let's leave them and see if Mercury collides with Jupiter or not!.. I believe that Mercury won't do it because it's smarter than some of the managers!

Until I meet you again, I hope you have a great time!