DAY1: Not every environment is prepared to understand you


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I am Bengain, and this is not my real name. I haven't found anyone to talk about my journey in the world of business with, so here I am. and the story is [here]..

Good evening, my friends.. How are you doing these days?.. I feel strange sitting here now and talking about what's happening with me! I'm not used to that.. You know that feeling when you're torn between jumping or retreating?.. In that moment, jumping is a necessary step, or else it all ends at that point. So, I jump.. do you doubt that? (smiling)

The truth is, I'm not the type of person who usually talks about what's happening to them. In negative aspects, I think this may be justified. You don't want to burden others with additional worries on top of their existing ones. In my country, the circumstances are also not helpful, with high unemployment rates and the cost of living being high as well. Many people are suffering because of that. Additionally, I believe that one should take responsibility for their own actions. In positive matters, it's somewhat different. If the situation calls for it, I usually don't hesitate to share if I feel it would add value to the situation.

When I started working on my personal project, things became a little different. As I mentioned in my first blog post [WHO ME], the environment around me is not conducive to such projects, so I don't share what's happening with them. As you know, in the business world, we have two main categories of companies: traditional companies, which solve traditional problems and have a known and stable business model, with most of their operations and related aspects being well-known and tested, such as pharmacies, bakeries, airlines, hospitals, etc.; and the other category is called startups, which offer innovative solutions to new problems and challenges. Often, the business models of these companies are unstable in the early years, undergoing a lot of changes and developments as they are still discovering the problem and its solution.

So why does understanding the workings of startups require a special environment that differs from what is common?.. In our surroundings (even us), people either work in traditional companies or own these companies. Therefore, the prevailing perception is that although starting a company requires a great deal of effort and work, there are many successful models that do what you do. There are many specialists and consultants who guide and facilitate the process for you. Therefore, the general environment assumes that starting companies (in general) is not that difficult. Their success depends primarily on the quality of the founder, and any failure is due to their incompetence. This leads to the consequences of others' perceptions, social reality, rumors, accusations of wasting money, and other things that no one likes to hear!

The way startups operate is completely different. Someone notices a problem that no one has solved before, they investigate the problem and learn more about it, they verify its existence, propose a theoretical solution, build an initial business model around it that they believe is profitable, seek funding for the project, and search for a team to work on it. They start designing the initial prototype of the solution and developing the business model. They continue testing, refining, and verifying.. This process requires them to learn everything about different aspects of the company, such as attracting good employees, marketing, research and development, sales, management, accounting matters, financing, and more, until they reach one of two options: either their business model succeeds and they continue, or they fail and stop at that point. This process can take months or even years. Rarely is the initial model the final one.. And you may be surprised to learn that statistically, 90% of startups fail!

As you can see, the essence of startups is failure, not success, but it is something necessary for the progress of life.. I will stop here tonight and we will continue tomorrow.. It's already past 2 AM and I feel tired. I've been awake since 7 AM and I have to wake up tomorrow (today) at 5 AM, which is in just 3 hours.

I had another topic in mind to discuss with you tonight, but the conversation went this way... It's okay, we will talk about whatever we want in the coming days.

Take care of yourselves, hoping to see you tomorrow,
Have a good time!